Lower Hudson Watershed


Involved Faculty

  • Kevin Farley: PhD, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering-Expertise in
    water quality modeling, sediment contamination, bioaccumulation of toxic
    chemicals, and metals

Books/Book Chapters

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  • Evaluation of PCB Transport and Fate in the Lower Hudson River: As dredging of PCB-contaminated sediments in the Upper Hudson progresses, there is continued concern of PCB transport and contamination into the Lower Hudson River.  Computer models have therefore been developed to evaluate the long-term transport and fate of PCBs in the Lower Hudson River and New York-New Jersey Harbor.  Our current work is specially focusing on refinements in model descriptions for hydrodynamic model grid resolution, sediment transport and organic carbon in the mainstem Hudson.  Results from the revised model are being used as part of an overall re-assessment for PCB transport and fate in the Lower Hudson River.  (Funding is provided through the Hudson River Foundation). (FARLEY, KEVIN)