Environmental Policy & Politics


Involved Faculty

  • Poonam Arora: PhD, Assistant Professor of Management/Marketing-Expertise in Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management and Management Independent Study
  • Pamela Chasek: PhD, Professor of Government-Research in international environmental policy, international organizations, multilateral diplomacy, bargaining and negotiation and US foreign policy
  • Mehnaz Afridi: PhD, Professor of Religious Studies-Research in Interreligious Identity, Diaspora and Transnational Studies, Post-genocide Identity and Feminist post-colonial theory
  • Cory Blad: PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology-Research in Global Political Economy, State Theory, Nationalism and Culture, and Social Movements

Books/Book Chapters

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  • Arora, P., Peterson, N., Krantz D.H., Harsity, D.J., Reddy, K., (Accepted Manuscript) “To Cooperate or Not to Cooperate: Using New Methodologies and Frameworks to Understand How Affiliation Influences Cooperation in the Present and Future” (ARORA, POONAM)
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  • Arora, P., Logg, J., Larrick, R., “I’ll Let You Walk All Over Me If It Makes Me Look Good: Role of Identity in Overcompensation and Disengagement in Environmental Social Dilemmas”.  Presented at the International Conference on Social Dilemmas, July 2011, and currently under review at a journal. (ARORA, POONAM)
  • Authors: Arora, P., Podesta, G.P., Ruiz Toranzo, F., Bert, F., Mendendez, A., & Jobaggy, E. Role Effects in Environmental Coordination: Teammates and Competitors Vary in Focal Points Selected and Outcomes Obtained in Environmental Coordination Dilemmas (under review but with a slightly different title) (ARORA, POONAM)
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  • Logg, J. L., Arora, P., “Through the green looking glass: Attention and attitude influence environmental behaviors”.  Presented as posters at SJDM Conference, November 2010, and SPSP Conference, January 2011. (ARORA, POONAM)
  • Integration of decadal climate predictions, ecological models and human decision-making models to support climate-resilient agriculture in the Argentine Pampas. Poster presented at World Climate Research Program, Denver, October 2011 (ARORA, POONAM)
  • Authors: Podestá, G., P. Arora, W. Baethgen, F. Bert, V. Brescia, L. Goddard, R. Katz, B. Kirtman, D. Krantz, D. Lema, C. Macal, M. Marino, L. Mearns, M. North, B. Rajagopalan, F. Ruiz Toranzo, C. Saulo, M. Skansi, P. Sydelko, and C. Vera (ARORA, POONAM)
  • Arora, P., “Using Behavioral Decision Making as a Tool for Environmental Policy”, Invited Speaker, NY State Agency NYSERDA, Albany, NY, December 2007 (ARORA, POONAM)


  • A parlor meeting in June in the city with Arava Institute representatives, which focused on water and self-sustainability in Bedouin life in Israel, as well as education at the institute. (AFRIDI, MEHNAZ)


  • GOVT 223 – Environmental Politics
  • GOVT 325 – Special Topic: Environmental Law
  • ENVL 517 and 417 – Environmental Law
  • Principles in Public Health