Environmental Justice & Ethics



Involved Faculty

  • Cory Blad: PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology-Research in Global Political Economy, State Theory, Nationalism and Culture, and Social Movements
  • Jeffrey Myers: PhD, Associate Professor of English-Research in Early and Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Environmental Literature, Ecocriticism and Critical Race Studies
  • Eoin O’Connell: PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy-Expertise in Kant’s practical philosophy, contemporary moral philosophy, and epistemology
  • David Shefferman: PhD, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies-Specializes in the history of religion in the Americas


  • Myers, Jeffrey. Converging Stories: Race, Ecology, and Environmental Justice in American Literature. Athens: U of Georgia P, 2005.(MYERS, JEFFREY)

Articles and Book Chapters

  • Myers, Jeffrey. “Pastoral and Anti-Pastoral in Aaron Douglas’s Aspects of Negro Life.”  Essay in a  Keener Perception: Ecocritical Approaches to American Art History. University of Alabama Press, 2009.” (MYERS, JEFFREY)
  • Myers, Jeffrey. “Ready to Come Home: Teaching African American Literature as Environmental Literature.”  Essay in Approaches to Teaching North American Environmental Literature.  MLA Publications, 2008. (MYERS, JEFFREY)
  • Myers, Jeffrey.  “Other Nature: Resistance to Ecoracial Hegemony in Charles W. Chesnutt’s The Conjure Woman.”  African American Review (Spring 2003, 37.1). (MYERS, JEFFREY)
  • Myers, Jeffrey. “The Anxiety of Confluence: Evolution, Ecology, and Imperialism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.”  ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (Summer 2001, 8.2). (MYERS, JEFFREY)

Courses Offered

  • ENGL 345 – Environmental Literature and Ecocriticism
  • PHIL 399 – Special Topics: Environmental Ethics
  • RELS 377 – Religion and Environmentalism